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December All Guilds Meeting

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Shorah, fellow explorers and GoMe faithful!

As you know, we recently had the last AGM of 2011 last Saturday, with quite a big announcement pertaining to one of the big five Guilds...and a big enough crowd to move the meeting from Kirel to a hood!

The chat log of the meeting can be found here: cleansed and raw

For those that could not attend, here's what you missed:

New Greeters

Trekluver has taken it upon himself to bring a fresh face and take to the esteemed, yet dormant Guild of Greeters, dubbing this new iteration "New Greeters" for the time being.  Details are still being hammered out and a site is being put together, but he made it clear that new applicants will start being taken and considered as they come in.  No serious offer of help would be turned down without a valid reason.  Veteran Greeters are also welcome to join in if they would like.

View the announcement thread and ongoing discussion at the MOUL forums here:

Annabelle's Marker Quests

Annabelle was next to present the lastest with her Marker Quests.  Her third release is 18 quests in Er'cana dubbed "The Grandiose Journey", with one being so large, it was broken into 4 parts.  The next week would see the release of "Into Darkness", a series of 16 quests in Gahreesen.  More quests are planned to be released soon after in January and February and so on.

Age Building

J'Kla and Lunanne went into detail about some aspects of Age building, specifically with Blender, in order to remove some of the mystery and stigma surrounding it.  J'Kla related his own experiences in creating and designing his Ages using Blender 2.49b, while Luna explained more about the programming and technical issues involved.

Ignore Function

Gahlen (along with Luna again for technical questions) summarized what has been going on as far as work being done improving the /ignore function in URU; something that has been widely discussed on the MOUL forums.  The goal is that, when a player sets someone on /ignore, not only would their chat disappear, but the offending avatar would become invisible as well.  Not only that, but the offending avatar would not be able to see the player that ignored them, thus eliminating one of the larger problems with griefing.  The player would also (hopefully) be able to choose what level they can ignore someone.  Adam, aka Hoikas of the Guild of Writers, has been working on this, and has a semi-working version which is being tested and will hopefully come far enough along to be included into the game at a later time.

Next up was JWPlatt, Mac and rarified from for a Q and A with explorers. They talked about such things as their own upcoming Test Shard (they will let everyone know when it's ready to test and start taking applications shortly thereafter), and the various additions and fixes they have gotten and are expecting, including the aforementioned upgraded ignore function.

Guild of Messengers

Last on the list for this unexpectedly longer meeting was the GoMe.  Leonardo and crew came up to discuss Guild business.  This included the recent addition of a new Guild of Messengers page on Google+ and an update on the first edition of the new magazine, The Cavern Post, which will hopefully be out this month.  Also, Nev'yn is actively helping to reorganize and reactivate the Cavern Criers to restore them to a more active status. To this end, a new regularly occuring in-cavern Ki-mail of news also called The Cavern Post is set to be released early in the coming week. Look for it soon!  

Well , that was a wrap for not only the meeting, but 2011 as well!

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